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Vintage Stone and Tourmaline Necklace

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Vintage Stone and Tourmaline Necklace $25

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Silver and Gray in L.A.

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Double Panel Top w Silver Trousers

So, I just happened to run into this gal all done up in Silverlake and asked her to come up to my rooftop for an impromtu photoshoot with the backdrop of  downtown Los Angeles.  Never mind that the smog was so thick, it obstructed all the buildings. Hey.. at least we got some phone lines in it!

Just kidding! This is actually our friend Taylor- a sweetheart who was kind enough to pose for us in our vintage. Like the hot sheer top or the silver pants?  Thought so. Check us out at Blogger Shop Day 2 at Space 2015 in Hollywood on Sunday, August 2nd.  We’ll be hanging out there, silver lame pants and all.

– The Birds

**Bright Lights**

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monome 2monome40h

Ah the Monome- the mysterious grid of glowing buttons that that dares to ooh and ahhh your sophisticated inner geek.  I’ve seen them (ok, just one), read about them, and scoured the vast spaces of the internet for the perfect how-to-build-and-use guide.  So what does a Monome do? Its applications evolve with it’s users. Some use it to manipulate and re-create electronic beats… others simply as visual art.  For now it is my unicorn, a ridiculous myth… beautiful, elusive and oh so unnecessary. Until I can tell you more about this creation and its various series, you’ll have to see for yourself.

-Mika Hart

The Old and New of It

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I would say that
I didnt realize at 31 Id feel

so. different from the various 23 year old shorts and legs girls and boys with shorts and hair, baby voice=s all of them.

I maybe understood the discrepancy only more so after experiencing, for the first time. Harold and Maude. A movie, which, to so many is a classic. Baby and baby youth energy. So are we all just babies in adult environments. The skin it stretches, but so bound to contain this energy.

Does it ever look  like this when your eyes are closed? Does it ever look like this when your eyes are closed?

Hokis Pokis: On My Way to Nowhere Ive played this over and over again today. I play it in a volume that I can hear outside on the balcony to myself. Its off of Supreme Records. Indeed it is, supreme these records. And then its “Woman of the World”. My song is to my left and theirs to the right. Across. More legs rattle agains the chain link door. Hi my name is blah blah blah they remind me of Nikki’s group of friends that havent grown up yet. These groups…ever growing along in stages. They re-enact each other over and over again.

now listening to Lindstrom…”Another Side of Lindstrom” to be exact. The legs and the dress in a flurry to the other side of the clinking chains. I had to sit outside because it was so hot inside and I was restless and I had energy that wanted to create and I liked the sounds of voices and laughing. Its cozy here and my dances notes clash with their folklorn songstress.  (The song is Violent Group…it really rather is superb with its piano playing. It tickles. Once I figure out this blogging thing I will play music for you. Until then I can only tell you about it as I listen to it, which suits me right now because Im rediscovering all these records which once sat in a cold empty cement block of a room sneezing dust. )

Sooo…says the bird.

(Uno mas…before the night is over…on DFA Records: The Killing DFA w/The Rapture)

– Dirty Bird